[squeak-dev] What is currently the best way to submit a small project from 4.*?

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Apr 7 20:49:16 UTC 2010


Tom Rushworth wrote:
> I've written a little bit of code in the new 4.0 image that implements 
> Split-Order-List hash tables.  I'd like to put it up for review/comment 
> on squeakmap, or squeaksource, or universes, or somewhere.  When I start 
> the 4.0 basic image, there are 3 things visible on the desktop, the 
> welcome message, the license, and a "Package Universe Browser".  Is this 
> for squeakmap? or squeaksource?  or the older "universe" idea (was it 
> Lex's?).

It is for "Universes" - I can not comment on if it still is operational.

The SqueakMap Package Loader is for SqueakMap. To access Squeaksource 
you use the Monticello browser.

>  Clicking around on this lets me update the package list from 
> the network, but I haven't found anything to add a package.
> Now, I'm guessing that I probably want Monticello, and that it probably 
> should go to squeaksource, but those are inferences from reading 
> squeak-dev for years, not something obvious from the latest image, or 
> obvious from the website, and the package universe browser has about 20 
> or more versions of monticello, so the starting point is not obvious to me.

Monticello itself is already in the 4.0 image. And for a "class library" 
  (and not just say a small change to existing classes) you should use 

> So, shouldn't there be something in the welcome message, or the opening 
> desktop, or the website, that at least points to the current best practice?

Good point, perhaps it should :). Btw, the SqueakByExample book includes 
instructions on how to use Monticello I am fairly certain.

> And, could someone point me at a "How To" for whatever the current best 
> practice is?  I tried digging around on the websites, but didn't want to 
> start creating projects at random as a way of learning how it all works :).

It is actually quite simple, but you can do it in different ways. 
Without going into the details on the exact steps I do think you should 
learn Monticello and use Squeaksource for this - you could use other 
source code formats, but you should still learn Monticello so no reason 
to postpone that.

But a good first step is to sign up on SqueakMap to "claim" your 
developer initials. So here we go:

1. Sign up on http://map.squeak.org

2. Then sign up on http://www.squeaksource.com

3. Create a package there using the web UI.

4. Open up the Monticello browser in your image, create a HTTP 
repository using the "doit code" that I think Squeaksource.com showed you.

5. Press "+Package" to make Monticello aware of your package - the 
package name should be the first "word" in your class category (before 
the first hyphen).

6. Add (=associate) the repo you created to this package.

7. Select the package in the left list, and the repo in the right list. 
Then press "Save". This should create a snapshot file and upload it to 

8. Optionally: Also create a package on SqueakMap using the web UI and a 
release for that package, use the URL to a suitable snapshot at 
Squeaksource.com. This makes the package visible in SqueakMap and easily 
installed using the SqueakMap Package Loader.

Well, all this was from memory so beware of "my mistakes". :)

regards, Göran

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