[squeak-dev] What is currently the best way to submit a small project from 4.*?

Tom Rushworth tom_rushworth at mac.com
Wed Apr 7 17:47:24 UTC 2010

I've written a little bit of code in the new 4.0 image that implements  
Split-Order-List hash tables.  I'd like to put it up for review/ 
comment on squeakmap, or squeaksource, or universes, or somewhere.   
When I start the 4.0 basic image, there are 3 things visible on the  
desktop, the welcome message, the license, and a "Package Universe  
Browser".  Is this for squeakmap? or squeaksource?  or the older  
"universe" idea (was it Lex's?).  Clicking around on this lets me  
update the package list from the network, but I haven't found anything  
to add a package.

Now, I'm guessing that I probably want Monticello, and that it  
probably should go to squeaksource, but those are inferences from  
reading squeak-dev for years, not something obvious from the latest  
image, or obvious from the website, and the package universe browser  
has about 20 or more versions of monticello, so the starting point is  
not obvious to me.

So, shouldn't there be something in the welcome message, or the  
opening desktop, or the website, that at least points to the current  
best practice?

And, could someone point me at a "How To" for whatever the current  
best practice is?  I tried digging around on the websites, but didn't  
want to start creating projects at random as a way of learning how it  
all works :).

Thanks for any info!


Tom Rushworth

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