[squeak-dev] Right-click on workspace stops functioning

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at angband.za.org
Mon Apr 26 19:28:33 UTC 2010

On 2010/04/26 20:54, Chris Muller wrote:
>> In focused workspace window, press alt-o.
>> I'm not sure what it does, but sometimes, i pressing wrong keys
>> (instead of alt-p, or alt-i) and got my workspace duplicated.
> Yes, this happens to me too.  I never was quite sure what the purpose
> of Command+o is supposed to be..  Does anyone know?

I don't, but I know why at least. I'm still trying to figure out how 
best to fix it though.

So: if you open a Workspace from the docking bar, you run, ultimately, 
"Workspace open", which uses ToolBuilder to build you a Workspace. This 
is the guy with the working menu.

If you spawn that, you're invoking TextEditor>>spawn which runs 
"UIManager default edit: contentsString label: 'Workspace'". Typically 
that'll invoke UIManager>>edit:label:accept:.

That method creates a Workspace, and builds something that looks just 
like a Workspace should (PluggableTextMorphPlus etc.), but that 
_doesn't_ have a menu.

It seems to me that the latter should just invoke an appropriate 
modification of the former.

This is where I run into newbieness. It's easy to adjust the contents of 
the model - "yourWorkspace contents: '123 asString'" - but that doesn't 
set the contents of the PTMPlus. I've mucked around briefly trying to 
mimic how MessageNames sets its search string (by finding a morph in 
itself that has a certain name), but I've not quite got the Morphic-fu 
to nail the issue.

So to be a bit more concrete, I have a half-solution of 
MorphicUIManager>>edit:label:accept: that looks like this:

edit: aText label: labelString accept: anAction
	"Open an editor on the given string/text"
	| space |
	space := StandardToolSet openWorkspace.
	space model textContents: aText.

Two issues: how to get aText rendered in the right morph? What to do 
with anAction?


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