[squeak-dev] What is the plan for 4.2?

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 04:46:35 UTC 2010

I checked out the meeting minutes from http://squeakboard.wordpress.com/.

Meeting Report for 4/7/2010
April 9, 2010 by andreasraab

We spent a good amount of time discussing the situation of external
packages in Squeak. We agree that the current situation is undesirable
and that hopefully something can be done about this in the 4.2 time
frame but what exactly that means is unclear at this point. Some ideas
have been voiced that need to be discussed more widely (i.e., on

Bert mentioned in a mail on this list that
      'Package Management'

could be the grand theme for 4.2

We now have a nice base system. How do I get things into it reliably.

In addition some minor things like
- a registry for the world menu and docking bar / people are working
on it right now
- a better worked out way for loading and unloading GUI elements /
people are working on it right now
- ...
- ....

I think for the discussion it is helpful to mention 4.3 and maybe 4.4 as well.
This will help that for this discussion we can bring up basically
anything which seems to be useful. Then we can find out what is doable
for 4.2


On 4/26/10, Ian Trudel <ian.trudel at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd be delighted to have a 4.2 roadmap as well and I believe it would
> be beneficial to the entire community.
> Ian.
> 2010/4/25 Michael Haupt <mhaupt at gmail.com>:
>> Dear all,
>> my impression is that we've got a gorgeous release with lots of good
>> things under and above the hood. So far, I'm happy. :-)
>> But there's going to be a Squeak 4.2, right? Now what's going to
>> happen to make it happen? What things are intended? Is there even a
>> consistent overall idea of what should be achieved for 4.2? Is there
>> any idea? A "vision", so to speak?
>> I can sense some things, I'd like to have some things. If you ask me,
>> personally, I'd love to see Squeak 4.2 as the best documented
>> Smalltalk out there. I'd also like to see more native GUI support, a
>> JIT compiler, and transparent multicore exploitation. Anyway, I'd like
>> to see more tests, and a green bar.
>> Eventually, I'd really really love to have a nice and high-level VM
>> implementation (both like and unlike PyPy). But that's probably for
>> 6.0 or so.
>> Now is the time.
>> Best,
>> Michael
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