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Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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This might be a problem in Pharo (RC1) in general or in its standard toolset, but I have a multi-line print string that when displayed in an inspector appears to try to edit the receiver and cause strangeness.  Is that a known problem with a solution?


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Hello all,

With the understanding that I am doing non-trivial FFI work and could have completely fried my image already, I'm wondering if this is a common Squeak/Pharo newbie kind of amazement: I create and inspect a new instance of something that has a #printOn: method, and the contents of the inspector's workspace change with time.

I have seen inspectors update to track objects in the past, but this behavior is unwanted.  I thought of finalization, but that appears not to be happening (nor should it be with the object inspected).

I will keep looking, but plausible explanations will be appreciated.


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