[Vm-dev] Squeak VM port to Google Native Client

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed May 4 06:18:04 UTC 2011


  I'm playing with Google Native Client a bit and made a port of
Squeak VM to it.  It is far from complete (even the state where
backspace or Cmd-p etc. does not work, sound does not work, etc.), It
now reached to the state where I can say the basic part of it is

  The source code is available at:


.  Also, f you have Google Chrome 11 beta available, try to turn on
the Native Client on (by typing "about:flags" into the title bar) and


(The first try may take some time.)

  - It is gnuify-ed but we're still learning the JIT situation of
    NaCl.  So, it' need some work to port Cog.

  - The image data is embedded as a C array in this executable.  You
    can remove EMBEDDED_IMAGE_FILE flag off, and comment/uncomment the
    corresponding part of squeak.html, it can load the image
    separately via XMLHttpRequest of the browser.

  - There is some strange issue when you do fast drag the system

  - As you can see, the source code is derived from the Unix VM.  It
    was hard for me to write some CMake stuff to set it up for the
    cross compilation.  A help to merge it back to the Unix code would
    be greatly appreciated.

  - If Google takes over the world and all apps become a Native Client
    (may be even other browsers^^;), this port may be useful^^;

-- Yoshiki

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