[squeak-dev] [documentation] HelpSystem, revision control, and process

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 22:20:53 UTC 2010

Quick question, Ken (and Casey).

How will the core related documentation will be transfered to the core
image assuming what you wrote will define our process? HelpSystem
includes classes and methods comments.


2010/4/30 Ken Causey <ken at kencausey.com>:
> I haven't been following the HelpSystem discussion very closely so there
> is no limit to what I don't know on this subject.  That said I would be
> perfectly happy setting up a HelpSystem repository on source.squeak.org.
> In general I feel we need to start limiting the contents of the trunk
> repository to those packages that compose 'core' Squeak and start
> considering add-ons used to build 'basic' Squeak as separate packages
> installed into 'core'.  I'm assuming that HelpSystem is something we
> would want to include in a 'basic' image, but not a 'core' image.  (Of
> course a 'core' ZIP might include ready to load optional packages
> including HelpSystem.)
> Ken
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>> Subject: [squeak-dev] [documentation] HelpSystem, revision control, and
>> process
>> From: Casey Ransberger <casey.obrien.r at gmail.com>
>> Date: Fri, April 30, 2010 3:22 pm
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>> Folks,
>> I'd like to get a process going around HelpSystem. It doesn't have to be a
>> perfect process. We can tweak it as we go.
>> How do people feel about having help in the Trunk? It'll allow us to
>> document things right along side of our software development.
>> One thing worth noting: we can have our HelpSystem "book" in Trunk without
>> necessarily having HelpSystem itself in the Trunk; however, if we do it that
>> way, we run the risk of changes in HelpSystem on SqueakSource making our
>> help content impossible to load. I think having both in the Trunk is a
>> really good idea.
>> If folks aren't comfortable with having some documentation and HelpSystem in
>> Trunk, I'd like to propose opening up a 'docs' SS repository on
>> source.squeak.org. We'd lose the ability to track the evolution of our docs
>> in the context of the evolution of Squeak, but we'd still have the keys to
>> the kingdom (license, code, content.)
>> I'd rather not go with squeaksource.com, as I'd like to think that our docs
>> should live with the other things on squeak.org.
>> As always, feedback is appreciated.
>> --
>> Casey Ransberger<hr>


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