[squeak-dev] Re: Search bar, or is it?

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 20:01:53 UTC 2010


We, as human being, tend to go toward familiar things and dislike
change. It rarely gets boring if it is not familiar. The point is that
boring is sometimes good. It is very difficult to educate people to
use a system that is **too** innovative. There is such a thing as
being too good.

I believe you are overestimating the power of curiosity. Curiosity has
a very low threshold to hurdles. Moreover, the brain does not like
inconsistencies and rejects them systematically: if it feels not
right, it is not right. For the same reasons I explained in “A little
4.1 press coverage” when newcomers want to try Squeak but have to go
through too many hurdles: most will give up. Being curious does not
mean being interested. The curiosity will overcome hurdles only when
it is accompanied by interest and potential benefits in the end.


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