[squeak-dev] Re: Search bar, or is it?

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Fri Apr 30 17:06:37 UTC 2010

Chris Muller-4 wrote:
> I consider the 4.1 menu bar a detraction to the
> object-oriented nature of Squeak and Morphic.  I would be so critical
> as to say I think it perpetuates the "wrong thinking" about OO systems
> because it has users going there for global "commands".  However, as
> you said, mainstream users will feel comfortable.

If we are including a menu bar as training wheels, to wean new users from
decades of UI brainwashing...

Chris Muller-4 wrote:
> I have not once used the search bar to "search."
> e.g., I never press Return/Enter on it; only ever Command+b, m, n, p,
> i, etc.

And power users don't even use it as a search bar, per se...

Hannes Hirzel-2 wrote:
> Mainstream user's feel immediately comfortable when they see a menu bar.
> It is only after some time they will discover that they do not need it.

And we hope that they will eventually give it up altogether (as I'm sure
many of us do - I have a setup script that hides it in my image).

I think that all this should be made really obvious.  Right now, I think the
message could be received as: "oh, look, even in Squeak, which is the
laboratory for experimentation, they have a menu bar.  It must be really
solid design.  I'll make sure to include one in all my apps..."  This seems
to be perpetuated by calling the search bar a search bar (which is a symbol
that already has a (boring) definition in new users' minds coming in), when
it is so much more.

Which brings us back to Ian's original comment:

Ian Trudel-2 wrote:
> I hereby demand that we rename the search bar to fun bar! 'Cause it's
> a lot of fun. :)

What if it was called a fun bar, or everything bar, or search (and so much
more) bar, or any phrase that make new users think, "hey, this is something
not exactly like what I've seen before, let me investigate a little?" 
Combine that with obviously available info, like a ballon help or link that
said: "hey, we included this for people to transition, but if you're feeling
really adventurous, here is this whole new, better object-oriented way for
you to handle these kinds of tasks (and maybe link to help system, web page,
whatever), there would a clear road to grow and develop instead of an
enabler to continue bad habits.

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