[squeak-dev] Proposal: Project Pink Book

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 09:24:41 UTC 2010

Hello Casey,

A short plan is the step in the right direction. I believe our
community needs more sense of direction. I'd like to bring few things
that seems to be missing in your proposal, for your consideration (and
everyone else).

There is no inclusion of additional tools in order to make sure we
have quality documentation. For example, why not having hunspell [1]
integrated? A good spell checker will make a huge difference. I would
also consider versioning documentation important since our wiki
suffers from the lack of it (shall we learn from our past mistakes?).

[1] http://hunspell.sourceforge.net/

I would much more consider contribute on documentation provided
editing and formatting tools are available, ability to include
screenshots, and other goodies. I don't care about the internal
format. I am a big fan of LaTeX and I don't use it anymore because
editing softwares nowadays do it much faster and it's way easier.
Faster and easier mean more contributions.

Your plan is overenthusiastic in my opinion. I don't think our
community can undertake everything listed. It would be much better to
look at what is the most needed in term of documentation and have
people to focus on it. It will reduce the risks of failure. We can
build around this documentation and slowly move on other parts. We
need something usable for the largest segment of the community.

Squeak Documentation Team is all right for a name. Let's stick to
simple. Simple usually works better. :P

Best regards,

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