[squeak-dev] Monticello-based updates for Etoys

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Apr 30 09:20:15 UTC 2010

On 30.04.2010, at 10:42, Hannes Hirzel wrote:
> I have downloaded the image. I like the many example projects which
> come with it.

Hehe, and that's not even the *real* interface. To see that, from the world menu, choose "new morph...", "make link to project...", "Home". This creates a button that takes you to the home screen (I forgot to put one into the dev image, sorry).

Of course, if you download the non-developer version from 
it will start with the right screen.

> To be sure: this now means that Etoys is no longer a "fork" of Squeak
> anymore but an "application" running on top of 4.1?

Not yet. It's a first step towards that, enabling the same tools to be used.

This is pretty much equivalent to the 2009 Etoys 4.0 release (the release number similarity to Squeak is coincidental). It is still closer to Squeak 3.8 (when we last cross-merged) than Squeak 4.1. If you compare the packages to e.g. trunk, you will see huge differences.

"Etoys 4.1" is the tentative label for the Etoys Summer 2010 release, we have not yet decided what to actually call it.

- Bert -

> --Hannes
> On 4/30/10, karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:05 PM, Bert Freudenberg
>> <bert at freudenbergs.de>wrote:
>>> On 26.04.2010, at 04:56, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>>> On 19.04.2010, at 13:52, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>> as we discussed lately we want to enable easier contributions,
>>>>> following
>>> a model similar to Squeak's "trunk". I spent the weekend making the latest
>>> tools from Squeak work in the Etoys image. I did not push it to the update
>>> stream yet, but it is attached. Let's discuss in the developer meeting on
>>> IRC later today.
>>>>> Here is how to test it:
>>>>> * Download Etoys-To-Go4-Final.zip from squeakland.org and unzip and run
>>>>> * get halo for world, choose "preferences..." from halo menu
>>>>> * disable "eToyFriendly" in the "scripting category"
>>>>> * click the gray World background, choose "previous project" from the
>>> World menu
>>>>> * you'll be taken to the hidden top-level project, light-blue
>>>>> background
>>>>> * now is a good time to save the image (not save-as)
>>>>> This will result in an image ready for development work. I'm suggesting
>>> to use Etoys-To-Go because it is self-contained and allows to save the
>>> image
>>> easily. The regular install is read-only.
>>>>> Now for my stuff ...
>>>> ... which I just pushed to the new 4.1 update stream at etoys.squeak.org
>>>> * Evaluate this in a workspace to set the new update server (you need at
>>> least a 4.0.2336 image):
>>>>      HTTPSocket httpFileInNewChangeSet: '
>>> etoys.squeak.org/updates/newUpdateStream-bf.cs'
>>>> * Then load updates. This will ask if you want to advance to 4.1, say
>>> yes. Load updates again
>>>> * This will take quite a while ...
>>>> * ... but eventually you should have an image with Monticello loaded :)
>>>> Heres a log of the changes:
>>>> http://squeakland.org/updates/
>>>> This includes the recategorization from trunk (huge 1 MB changeset) and
>>> an edited version of Karl's recategorization, ending up in a quite
>>> reasonable number of packages IMHO. Also, thanks to Eliot for porting the
>>> compiler changes!
>>>> The next step should be to create proper packages and commit them to the
>>> etoys repo.
>>>> - Bert -
>>> We did it :)
>>> There is an initial version of all Monticello packages that now constitute
>>> the Etoys image in our main repository at
>>>       http://source.squeak.org/etoys.html
>>> If you load updates, it will first fetch changesets from the update
>>> stream,
>>> and then proceed to update packages from the repository. We will mostly
>>> just
>>> post new packages from now on. But if needed, we still have the update
>>> stream.
>>> To get an Etoys image for development, either follow the procedure I
>>> outlined above (takes about 10 minutes here), or download an all-in-one
>>> zip
>>> (based on Etoys-To-Go) from here:
>>>       http://etoys.squeak.org/download/
>>> It's easier if you do not use save-as in this setup, only regular image
>>> save. The image name is mentioned explicitly in the VM settings.
>>> New versions can be submitted to the "Etoys Inbox" by *anyone*, no
>>> registration required:
>>>       http://source.squeak.org/etoysinbox.html
>>> Of course, Etoys developers can commit to the main repository directly. If
>>> you want to have access, register on that server, and ping me so I add you
>>> to the right group.
>>> We'll look at all contributions, though we need to be somewhat
>>> conservative. Remember this is used by kids worldwide, it's deployed on
>>> about a million machines, and more are to come [1]. Features are cool, but
>>> don't make the kids cry, mkay? ;)
>>> Btw, if someone feels more comfortable using changesets, don't worry, you
>>> can still attach them to a ticket on our tracker at
>>>       http://tracker.squeakland.org/
>>> Some other developer will then build Monticello packages and commit them.
>>> So, the gates are open, let the contributions flow :)
>>> - Bert -
>>> [1]
>>> http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/one-laptop-per-child-and,1271519.shtml
>>> Great !
>> Karl

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