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Thu Apr 29 23:55:05 UTC 2010

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Tools-hmm.236
Ancestors: Tools-ar.235

Display image files (graphics) in FileList



Name: ShoutCore-ul.16
Ancestors: ShoutCore-laza.15

- a few minor performance tweaks



Name: ShoutCore-ul.17
Ancestors: ShoutCore-ul.16

- accept symbols as arguments of #primitive: and #primitive:module: pragmas



Name: ShoutCore-ul.18
Ancestors: ShoutCore-ul.17

- fix: SHMCClassDefinition should also understand #allowUnderscoreSelectors and #allowUnderscoreAssignments 



Name: ShoutCore-laza.19
Ancestors: ShoutCore-ul.18

Make Shout display symbols with underscores correctly if allowUnderscoreSelectors is true



Name: GraphicsTests-wiz.23
Ancestors: GraphicsTests-ar.22

This adds a test demonstrating that rectangles will change shape when their dimensions are rounded if the origin and corner are in different quadrants.

See Mantis 2453

The condition for this to happen occurs anytime a morph with odd extent is rendered by a transformation morph.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace



Name: ToolBuilder-Morphic-fbs.58
Ancestors: ToolBuilder-Morphic-ar.57

Support for Mantis 7517: a spawned workspace has no context menu. Instead of building the Workspace's model by hand, just ask the Workspace to do it itself.



Name: Kernel-fbs.448
Ancestors: Kernel-ul.447

Support for Mantis 7517: a spawned workspace has no context menu.



Name: Tools-bf.237
Ancestors: Tools-hmm.236, Tools-fbs.236

merge Tools-fbs.236:
Support for Mantis 7517: a spawned workspace has no context menu. (Make the View update when the Model changes.)



Name: Sound-wiz.18
Ancestors: Sound-nice.15

Ok this is a resubmission of String>>sound now names
String>>#asSound in compliance with Bert's preference.

I have fixed the nits. 

I have discussed why I believe this is the right word rather than asSound on the mailing list. Squeak-dev 2010. I have not heard back from Bert. He still is in favor of this form over my preference.  Authority matters so we are now in compliance.

"'click' asSound play" will play a click sound from the sound library.
Any name missing from the sound library will return a default sound to be played. Currently the default is the same as Beeper default.

The purpose of the selector is to be a facade to allow access to sounds by name. Currently this only covers the Sampled Sound sound library and the default sound. 

However, the contract is only that
" 'name' asSound "
return a playable object. So in the future this could be expanded to check other sound libraries as well before relying on the default.



Name: System-bf.323
Ancestors: System-ul.322, System-sbw.320

Merge System-sbw.320: Sets default condition for Annotations Preference to true if undefined.



Name: Tools-bf.238
Ancestors: Tools-bf.237, Tools-fbs.234

merge Tools-fbs.234
M7511: MessageNames uses Browser's better-named Frame creation methods.


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