[squeak-dev] What is the plan for 4.2?

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:55:07 UTC 2010

Hi Hannes,

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Hannes Hirzel <hannes.hirzel at gmail.com> wrote:
> For writing the tutorials my recommendation is to use Torsten
> Bergmann's HelpSystem. As it is now it is good enough I think. And it
> can by loaded through the help menu entry 'Extending the system' as of
> now.

this help system is one gorgeous and useful piece of code. Heck. :-)

> Regarding the Z80 emulator. Yes I think that is a good idea. I assume
> it runs old Z80 games at a reasonable speed these days?

Nopes. As of now, it is really just a Z80 emulator (read: it emulates
the processor, not any of the machines built using it), and some
things like interrupts are still not complete. Once those things
exist, I want to build a ZX81 on top of it.

> As the heading of this thread is 'What is the plan for 4.2?' we should
> try to come up with a list ...

I think we should harvest what's there first, and then see what's
missing - to fill in holes.

> Going through the wiki could be helpful as well. ...

Precisely what I mean. :-)



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