[squeak-dev] Search bar, or is it?

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 03:08:49 UTC 2010

> I don't know for other Squeakers but I always have at least one
> workspace to evaluate expressions. So far I have used the search
> bar... to search! :)

Forgot to mention; I have not once used the search bar to "search."
e.g., I never press Return/Enter on it; only ever Command+b, m, n, p,
i, etc.  Having all of these different "commands" available in one
spot, combined with the fact that the search bar can be used for not
just input, but also for output, means that the "functional density"
of the UI is, currently, pretty good.  A high functional-density means
a richer system, we should try to maintain that.

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