[squeak-dev] Re: Menu Registries

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Apr 28 15:57:40 UTC 2010

On 4/28/2010 8:47 AM, Brent Pinkney wrote:
> Hi all,+
> Could those in the know comment on how this<...>  proposal is (or is not) consistent with the fundamental Smalltalk principles
> that:
> 1. "an object is send a message and responds with an object"

It is perfectly consistent with it.

> 2. there is no other "magic" in the system.

Did you make that up? A wise man once said that any sufficiently 
advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I don't recall this 
ever being mentioned as a "fundamental principle" of Smalltalk.

> Are we proposing a break fromv this ? If so, IMO we need to really get it right before we commit.

Nobody is proposing to break with the first. I don't know what 
constitutes "magic" to answer the second but I'll point out that 
reflection has generally been accepted as a tool in the Smalltalk 
community although it could be considered magic.

   - Andreas

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