[squeak-dev] Windows - No Disk

Kommentaren kommentaren at bredband.net
Tue Apr 27 21:57:41 UTC 2010

The error is a bit random. It appears when opening FileList and then 
dragging in the left pane. (The pane listing the directory structure.)
The error also appears when clicking on one of the letters k:, l: etc that 
does not have any media in them.

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> On 2010/04/27 19:43, Kommentaren wrote:
>> When running File List in the new Squeak 4.1 I get this message 
>> repeatedly:
>> Windows - No Disk
>> Exception Processing Message c000000000013 Paramaters 75b6b7c 4 etc etc
>> It seems several letters (I: J: K: etc are listed that are not used).
>> I have noticed a similar problem in Java. That is that, the software is
>> unable to check if there really is a media in a unit or not. For some
>> reason this problem did not occur several years ago in older java
>> versions (5-6 years ago).
>> I run Squeak under Windows XP (latest update).
>> Anyone else noticed this problem?
> Me too, also under Windows XP (latest update). I only saw it once, and 
> wasn't entirely sure that it was Squeak. It happened while I was working 
> in Squeak, but the image still worked afterwords.
> I have mapped drives that require passwords, but otherwise had/have no 
> removable media attached to my machine.
> frank 

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