[squeak-dev] [Urgent][4.1.1] Squeak screen shot and backgrounds / display of pictures

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Apr 26 22:50:32 UTC 2010

On 26.04.2010, at 21:36, Hannes Hirzel wrote:
> As Smalltalk is the grand-daddy of graphical user interfaces it
> strikes me with horror that after 30 years I do not see a picture if I
> browse through directories with the main file explorer tool. I think
> this needs a fix ASAP if we want to expose Squeak to a wider audience.

I agree with you this needs improvement. I don't agree that this warrants an emergency release update.

> The quick fix for the time being is not to expose this deficiency in a
> screen shot. A image morph would be better. I see the necessity for a
> little maintenance release 4.1.1 which fixes this and  similar
> problems.
> This 4.1.1. could as well include the menu registry solution (either
> pragma or MenuSpec) and some other things e.g.  'Right-click on
> workspace stops functioning'

This is totally unrelated. Besides, people don't even seem to use "spawn" regularly, or someone would have reported this much earlier. So it's not "urgent".

> What do other's think about this issue? Would it be an option to go
> for a 4.1.1. release within a few days? Maybe next Saturday?
> These are not really difficult things to fix. More difficult things
> might be unearthed later and that would call for a 4.1.2 two weeks
> later.....
> Kind regards
> Hannes

IMHO any further 4.1.x releases should fix critical bugs only, not add features.

I like your enthusiasm, but it would be better directed at the trunk :)

I'd much rather have actual releases more often than wasting time by putting lipstick on old releases ;)

- Bert -

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