[squeak-dev] [Urgent][4.1.1] Squeak screen shot and backgrounds / display of pictures

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Mon Apr 26 20:41:13 UTC 2010

Am 26.04.2010 21:36, schrieb Hannes Hirzel:
> It is just by now that I realized that there is a File List browser
> open on that screen shot showing a bitmap (BMP) file. What is
> displayed in the content windows are the codes, i.e. the picture is
> not displayed.
I just tried to get the file list to display pictures, and realized that
there has been some bit rot in Squeak's features to handle graphics
embedded in text. AFAIK, there are two mechanisms: FormSetFont can
display forms as glyphs, and TextAnchor can embed arbitrary morphs in text.

Neither works (at least not without quite some tweaking).

This is sad, as otherwise it would be fairly simple to read a graphic
file and create a Text containing the graphic.
I think that would be the simplest route.


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