[Squeak-dev] World Menu Registry

Stephan Wessels stevewessels at me.com
Sun Apr 25 14:58:00 UTC 2010

I have published this morning to Squeak Source a package that provides  
broader menu registry capability to the World Menu.  The package is  
WorldMenuRegistry-sbw.1.mcz.  With this package installed into Squeak  
4.1, a developer can easily extend, and later on remove if required,  
menus entries for the following World menus using a registry system:
	open - Already existed and works with this package without changing  
existing entries

There is also a unit test which exercises each of these menus and can  
be perused for examples of menu registry use.

The next step is to enhance the new menu/world dock to add registry  
support.  When all of that is working, I'll publish an update to the  
Desktop Background Screens package that will use the new menu  
registries dynamically.

  - Steve

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