[squeak-dev] Re: looks evolution

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 06:35:22 UTC 2010

Nobody is interested to collaborate? I'd hate to see a good idea die
alone in the dark. It would be great to know what kind of graphic
resources is needed to have a fully functional UI and I'd expect
Squeak UI guru(s) to give us some feedback. An estimation in numbers
of number of images required would be a plus.

A requirement sheet could further include:

   * A comprehensive list of our most important points in term of
visual style (and usability?)
   * A comprehensive list of graphic resources required (icons, menu
and window decorations, buttons, splash screen, etc)
   * Visual effects and transitions, if any
   * Files and images formats, if any specific ones are required
   * Accepted License(s) for contributions

We could also stipulate our preferred visual style(s) but it should
remain open. We should focus on the most important elements (e.g.
related to usability, such as colours that can be looked at for hours
and hours without bursting any people's eyes). Graphic designers need
to be inspired and have some freedom for their creativity, especially
when it comes to contribution given with their heart. :)

I believe Polymorph is currently not loadable in 4.1 and our UI is not
really skinable. We should put in place a small plan to make it easy
for graphic designers to test their graphics in Squeak, if possible.
This will increase the number of contributions.

A simple one page requirements sheet would be more than enough.
Anything else should be on?


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