[squeak-dev] HttpView description on SqueakSource (was SMSqueakMapAdminView)

Bernhard Pieber bernhard at pieber.com
Fri Apr 23 10:39:59 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

I guess some of the confusion is my fault. It was me who added the link on the Wiki page after Stéphanes feedback. I just improved it even more after Göran's. It would be much better if this information were in the Project Description on the Overview page, though. But only Giovanni or Göran can do that. Göran, would you be so kind, please?

+1 to Stéphane: Your feedback was helpful. It prompted me to improve the situation somewhat. And the SqueakSource UI could/should be better.
+1 to Chris: It's not the fault of SqueakSource that there is no Project Description for HttpView2. And I like SqueakSource.
+1 to Andreas: It's indeed bad that you cannot link the Wiki page. And Google indexing could/should be much better.
+1 to Göran: It's not his fault that there is no Project Description, it's Giovanni's. ;-)

Some additional comments:
- Unlike SqueakMap the SqueakSource wiki, as tiny as it is, allows anyone to add relevant information about a project. That is great because it allows and encourages collaboration.
- IMHO, there should be first class package comments along the lines of class and method comments, i.e. version controlled in PackageInfo. This would greatly improve the Monticello browser. And SqueakSource could use them as project descriptions. (I once argued [1] that the easiest implementation of this would be a PackageInfo subclass for each package. Its class comment would be the package comment. Pre and post load code could be put there as well. You could reuse all the development tools like that.)

[1] http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2005-February/088181.html


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