[squeak-dev] SMSqueakMapAdminView (was Maui 1.2 release 1)

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Fri Apr 23 07:55:03 UTC 2010

Le 23/04/2010 07:18, Chris Muller a écrit :
>> Very good example of what I dislike in Squeaksource: go to the above link,
>> then try and find a *single sentence* explaining what this is about. None.
>> Talk about documentation...
> In this case, I guess you didn't click on the "wiki" tab to see the
> reference to the already-published documentation..?

Right, I missed this one (not even a link btw, only a raw address)

> I really don't get it.  You said you don't like "Squeaksource" because
> some human didn't put more information into it.  Hell, Squeaksource
> gives humans an entire wiki tab to enter documentation, so isn't your
> criticism misplaced?

Listen, either you accept my feedback, or you don't. Both ways are fine. 
What is not fine is trying to have me feel like I'm the idiot that 
should be happy but isn't for some obscure reasons.

In Squeaksource, I can't find my way, that's all there is to it. I can't 
find which packages do what, it looks to me like a robotic interface 
made for and by robots. I'm glad that humans at times put some info 
inside this thing, but see, I didn't even notice it (and yes I went to 
the wiki tab the first time also).

So, weither or not you get it, weither or not you think I'm too dumb to 
use Squeaksource, here is my feedback about it: I dislike it because 
it's not welcoming to human beings. That's from my experience, and since 
I'm a 10-year Squeak (heavy) user, I guess I can be useful to all that I 
express this; negative feedback can be useful, too.


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