[squeak-dev] Squeaking up for "'click' sound play" (remainder of reply to bert )

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 06:25:23 UTC 2010

Hi Bert, Hi all,

I have dealt with  #sound vs. #asSound in a previous post.

One more thing needs dealing with:

Bert also wrote:
#asSampledSound would be even more correct, since I guess you would map it to "^SampledSound soundNamed: self", right?

The selector implements a facade for accessing one or more sound libraries in what ever class they are stored. 

The spec is to return a playable object. It can be one from the sound library in sample sound or it can be something else. Beeper default is used as default for unfindable sounds. If someone were to increase the range by adding other libraries the selector could presumably exaust them all before settling on the default.

Currently the implementation is simple because only SampledSound and Beeper classes need to be called upon. However squeak has a whole lot of sounds it could be called upon to synthesize. Someday we might want to enhance this selector to allow a simple access to them.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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