[squeak-dev] ToolBuilder / Pharo 1.0 changes

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Apr 23 04:50:10 UTC 2010

Hi -

Here are the changes between the latest ToolBuilder from 
http://www.squeaksource.com/ToolBuilder vs. Pharo 1.0 (again there are 
additional but fairly minor edits involved):

Package ToolBuilder-Kernel
- ToolBuilderTests

- UIManager
   * fontFromUser:
   * chooseFrom:lines:message:
   * chooseFrom:lines:message:title:
   * chooseFrom:message:
   * chooseFrom:message:title:
   * chooseFrom:values:lines:message:
   * chooseFrom:values:lines:message:title:
   * chooseFrom:values:message:
   * chooseFrom:values:message:title:
   * createPageTestWorkspace
   * checkForNewDisplaySize
   * composeFormFor:
   * grafPort
   * interactiveParserFor:
   * newDisplayDepthNoRestore:
   * onDebug:context:title:full:
   * onPrimitiveError:
   * onEventSensorStartup:
   * onSnapshot
   * restoreDisplay
   * restoreDisplayAfter:

Two sets of issues that we should discuss: If you care about unloading 
the (very small) set of tests we should move those into a separate 
package, which is easy enough.

Secondly, UIManager. It seems there have been three types of additions:

1) 'Genuine' user requests like fontFromUser:. Since we added a similar 
protocol in Squeak we should work out which protocol is preferable and 
use it (or even both).

2) Polymorph extensions. Assuming Gary agrees, we should move those into 
UIManager but I'll point out that a quick look at senders didn't reveal 
any users? All the references were between these methods no apparent 
external callers. Are these used in other packages?

3) Methods that are not about user requests (everything from 
creatPageTestWorkspace through restoreDisplayAfter:). I don't really 
like those very much (after all UIManager is all about asking users for 
information); is there really no better place in Pharo to put these? I 
can kind of see why one would stick some of those into UIManager if 
there is absolutely no other place but ... is there?

Package ToolBuilder-Morphic
- MorphicToolBuilderTests

- MorphicUIManager
   * isActiveManager - presumes Morphic-only
   * (all the code for the new methods in UIManager)

Not much new stuff here.

Package Polymorph-ToolBuilder-Morphic
* PSPluggableListSpec
Adds icon and double click selector to the list spec.

This should be folded all the way up into PluggableListSpec. The lack of 
these is a real oversight.

That's about it for the Pharo changes. Except from the methods in 
UIManager that don't really belong there, there's little to worry about.

The next thing I'll do is post some recommendations of how I think we 
can move this forward. I'll have to think about this a little though.

   - Andreas

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