[squeak-dev] ToolBuilder / Squeak 4.1 changes

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Apr 23 03:37:02 UTC 2010

Hi -

As a first step for merging, here are the changes that are in Squeak 4.1 
relative to the latest versions in the repository at 
http://www.squeaksource.com/ToolBuilder. The following is a pretty much 
complete set of changes that happened since (there are a few more minor 
edits but they're pretty much irrelevant for our purposes here):

Package: ToolBuilder-Kernel
- PluggableAlternateMultiSelectionListSpec
This class was added as an 'alternative' multi-selection list (used only 
by MessageTrace; perhaps Chris can comment)

- PluggableCodePaneSpec
This class was added to distinguish code-editing panes from others. It 
implies syntax highlighting any other goodies you'd like to see in code.

- PluggableListSpec
   * doubleClick - selector to handle double click events
   * keystrokePreview - selector to handle key events for filtering

- PluggableTextSpec
   * askBeforeDiscardingEdits - whether to ask before discarding changes

- PluggableWindowSpec
   * isDialog - if the window should behave like a dialog

- UIManager:
   * chooseFont:for:setSelector:getSelector: - font selector dialog
   * confirm:label: - confirm dialog w/ both message text and label
   * request:initialAnswer:centerAt: - positioned #request: message

All of these changes are pretty straightforward and should not cause 
much of an issue.

Package: ToolBuilder-Morphic
- ListChooser
This class was added to implement the chooser dialog in Morphic.

- PluggableDialogWindow
This class was added for dialog windows in Cobalt.

- PluggableTextMorphPlus:
   * styler - PTMPlus has been extended to support Shout directly.

- MorphicUIManager:
   * chooseFont: - usage of FontChooser
   * chooseFrom: - usage of ListChooser
   * confirm: - usage of UserDialogBoxMorph
   * informUserDuring: - usage of SystemProgressMorph

There is obviously more of an issue here. Various classes have only 
emerged in Squeak 4.1 and won't exist in Pharo. Not sure what to do 
here, because it's as much of an issue between 3.x and 4.1.

I'll review the Pharo changes next.

   - Andreas

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