[squeak-dev] Need fix for syntax highlight of primitive pragmas

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 03:23:26 UTC 2010


i thought that to conserve the space, it would be good to use a
symbols for primitive name and module name
in my methods.
Since all of my native-boost enabled methods using same primitive, so
i thought that i can just put following:
	<primitive: #primitiveNativeCall module: #NativeBoostPlugin>
and therefore, save some space , since declaration like following:
	<primitive: 'primitiveNativeCall' module: 'NativeBoostPlugin'>
adds extra two strings to the pragma, which attached to method.
(What is interesting, that a first literal of compiled method, using
symbols for these names, instead of strings..
While pragma keeps original copies of strings, and therefore wasting
extra space, which i want to avoid).

What i found, that syntax highlighting turns the rest of method's
source in red color (like if there is a parse error),
while parser is perfectly ok with such syntax, and accepts such
methods without any problems.

Moreover, its 100% safe to use symbols instead of strings for prim/module names,
since they seem used by compiler anyways, and i even double-checked it
with VMMaker, that it can handle symbols instead of strings for named
>From Interpreter's comment:

	"Call an external primitive. The external primitive methods
	contain as first literal an array consisting of:
	* The module name (String | Symbol)
	* The function name (String | Symbol)

so, a syntax highlighting is a bit annoying, and i'd like to fix that.
Any clues where to look at?

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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