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Darius Clarke socinian at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 21:42:48 UTC 2010

I like the theory that the iPad CPU is not an ARM copy, but much more
powerful, running an ARM emulator.

Forcing developers to Object C is a way to insulate them from the coming
native CPU instruction set unveiling and swap over. This is just what they
did with the switch to Intel.

However, with Squeak's open VM, and independence of from any native UI, it's
much easier to port Squeak and its derivatives to a new CPU than for any
other applications out there. Yet, it might be swept up with the rest as
"too buggy to port or support".

Nevertheless, if Apple came out with an "eduPad" for the DIY group, with a
separate EduAppStore using a different developer licensing agreement where
they don't guarantee app quality (and an extra fee for filtering the nasty
from kids), they might sell half again more iPads ... to the kids so that
they don't use their parents' "perfect pads" and sell more to schools. The
EduAppStore purchases and app installation would be controlled by the
parentPad and/or the school district. This could be done with almost no more
overhead for Apple. And then, when the kids break their pads, as they always
do, Apple sells more. ;-)

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