[squeak-dev] Re: Load instructions (Re: The Inbox: Morphic-hjh.424.mcz)

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 13:12:00 UTC 2010

Load Test Case

Platform: WindowsXP

Software: Download Windows installer from www.squeak.org

Steps on MSWindows:
Double-click on the installer file: Squeak-4.1-9957-100417-installer.exe
Go through a usual MSWindows installation.
Accept that Squeak should start immediately

Steps within Squeak

Open menu 'Tools' / 'Preferences'
Click on 'Monticello'
Change update url to: http://source.squeak.org/trunk
Accept the change with CTRL-S (or maybe ALT-S)
Close the preferences browser

Go to the Squeak Menu (the mouse icon )
Choose 'Update Squeak'
Wait .....
The system responds with 'Update completed'   10005

Go to menu 'Extras'
choose 'Rebuild menus'

Now a new menu entry appears in the Help menu

Go to 'Help menu' / 'Extending the system'

Select for example the following code
Hit ALT-D  (Do-it)

(Installer wiresong project: 'ob')
	    install: 'OmniBrowser';
	    install: 'OB-Morphic';
	    install: 'OB-Standard';
	    install: 'OB-Shout';
	    install: 'OB-SUnitIntegration'.

"Refactoring engine and OB integration"
(Installer ss project: 'rb')
	install: 'AST';
	install: 'Refactoring-Core';
	install: 'Refactoring-Spelling';
	project: 'Regex';
	install: 'VB-Regex'.
(Installer wiresong project: 'ob')
	install: 'OB-Refactory';
	install: 'OB-Regex'.

If you open the menu 'Tools' / 'Browser' you are prompted with a
choice of SystemBrowsers

RESULT: Test case OK


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