[squeak-dev] SMSqueakMapAdminView (was Maui 1.2 release 1)

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Thu Apr 22 08:22:55 UTC 2010

Hi folks!

(btw, cc me personally, I am swamped currently and don't have time to 
scan squeak-dev at the moment)

Chris Cunnington wrote:
> Hi Chris M., 
> 1. It's been renamed "SqueakMap Catalog". There is no "SqueakMap Package 
> Loader" on 4.1 from the "open ..." menu. 


> 2. You and I should be made admins to it -- immediately. The category 
> you wanted added -- 4.1 -- could be added from the online 
> (map.squeak.org/SMSqueakMapAdminView 
> <http://map.squeak.org/SMSqueakMapAdminView>) control panel in two 
> seconds, if we were. 

I can fix that, BUT... that UI is a bit oddish to work with. But I will 
later today add new categories if you guys can figure out what they 
should be! Remember that they should match what SystemVersion reports etc.

> 3. The "bus factor" of SM is 0.5. That is, Göran is so busy, he's paying 
> attention part of the time.  It'll get worse when he's a mentor for the 
> Google Summer Of Code. 

Well, I think it will get better-ish soonish. :)

> 4. It's hard to get replies from Göran no matter what. The guy is just 
> plain busy. 

...yes. But I always answer personal email, and if not, email again.

> 5. If SM is going to be relevant to the community, then the load has got 
> to be spread around some. 

True! Been asking for that for... many years.

> 6. Göran's code and SM in general is the best example of Smalltalk I've 
> ever seen. If there were class (with chairs) on Squeak you could learn 
> everything you needed to equip yourself learning it alone, which brings 
> me to ...

The code is not that good. I am ashamed of quite a bit of cruft in there.

> 7. HttpView2 is awesome. This is where people wanting to build web pages 
> with Smalltalk should start. (Get the one from SqueakSource. The one on 
> SM will not load.) Seaside is great, but I don't have many complex ( 
> read none ) domain models to create views for. HV2 deserves higher 
> exposure if for no other reason that it's mature, simple, and doesn't 
> change under you, while you're trying to learn it. 

Well, it is at least SIMPLE. Awesome might be a too strong word. Have 
never used Aida etc.

> 8. The Guild is really funny. http://www.watchtheguild.com
> 9. Göran is funny too. Naming a method "seppuku" is just amusing. He's 
> always throwing in stuff like that. Reading his code is fun. #ping 
> ^'pong' should be in every web application by fiat. 


> 10. map.squeak.org <http://map.squeak.org> is hosted on a 3.8 image. 
> This is not good, I don't think. 

Nope, not good. But didn't dare upgrade it.

> 11. SMServer (won't load from SM; not available on SS) cannot be loaded 
> into 4.1. This is not good, if for no reason other than it is an 
> excellent example of how to build a worthwhile application with HV2. 
> Also, it's server to the client in every Squeak image -- SMSqueakMap. 
> 12. If the duties Göran would have to perform for SM aren't spread 
> around, then SM will keep drifting away. 

I would love help and I *really* appreciate your effort to get into it.

regards, Göran

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