[squeak-dev] About the transferMorphConverter logic

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Apr 18 21:14:29 UTC 2010

Stéphane Rollandin wrote:
> In my current effort of porting muO to 4.1 I stumbled upon the new 
> logic to handle the way TransferMorphs are dropped into the World.
> The idea is nice, but the implementation is lacking IMHO. Here are 
> some troublesome points:
> - When the transferMorphConverter is not #yourself, any TransferMorph 
> is supposed to translate into a suitable Morph to drop. This may not 
> always be the case though; in muO, some TransferMorphs are suitable, 
> some not. Currently there is no way to handle unsuitable ones (I have 
> made a VanishingMorph which is deleted as soon as it gets a new owner 
> to handle the case)
> - There does not seem to be a way to give a default 
> transferMorphConverter for new morphic projects. I guess this should 
> happen in PasteUpMorph>>beWorldForProject:, with some registering 
> mechanism for defining the default value.

This is the kind of thing that OpenDoc addressed. You might want to 
check and see how OD handled it.


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