[squeak-dev] Re: Note: Squeak 4.1 Unix - preset preferences for right mouse button

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Apr 17 10:47:38 UTC 2010

On 17.04.2010, at 11:49, Stéphane Rollandin wrote:
>> There is a problem for Etoys however, which shares the VM with Squeak (at least on unix). Etoys users need the traditional mapping, the right mouse button needs to bring up the halo. Right now I can't think of a good way to change the VM's default and still have Etoys work correctly out-of-the-box (we have no way to tell).
> Can't we have the VM setting be dynamic (I mean changeable while the VM is running) and made accessible via a primitive ? That way the image could take care of itself.

That might be an option. It doesn't even need to be changeable, but if the image could know how the VM maps buttons to mouse events it could react accordingly. OTOH if the image "corrects" the VM then there is no way to specify on the command line what behavior you'ld like ... Hmm.

- Bert -

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