[squeak-dev] Squeaking up for "'click' sound play" (reply to laza )

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 04:19:06 UTC 2010

Hi laza,

>Alexander Lazarević laza at blobworks.com
>Wed Apr 14 09:57:54 UTC 2010 wrote:

>Hi Jerome!
>2010/4/14 Jerome Peace <peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com>:
>> I was hoping to get this adopted quietly. The gatekeepers are asking me to show support for this feature. If you are in favor of this let it be heard.
>In general I think it is not the best way to promote something new for
>the core by creating an issue on mantis and waiting for "people" to
>pick it up.

Ah. Sometimes it's the only way that works. Takes a lot of patience. Mantis is persistent. Things on the list are ephemeral forgoten with the next post or issue.

Still the important thing to say is you suggested I try to get support for it. That was a useful suggestion and I am following it.  

>Marking it major or block with a high priority also will
>do little to this.

04-13-10 12:19  	 laza  	 Severity  	 minor => feature

So apparently I didn't mark this one with too high a priority. Your changing to a feature is a matter of preference. Its marked minor by default. It fixed a small hole created by the nuking of Object>>beep:

Importance is different than urgency.

>It's more likely that the issue will rot on mantis

Whose fault is that? The way to do "get-things-done" has been changing constantly since I started here a decade ago. Nothing has lasted three years let alone five. Andreas seems to have gotten some useful momentum going. Plus good people to help. Time will tell if it sticks. Or produces truly useful results.

>So I felt that I was actually helping you along with your
>idea by suggesting a better way to promote it and I had not the
>impression of putting up additional hurdles.

You did. The part about hurdles was the frustration talking. 
Your objections helped me to clarify my thinking and put it into writing. Hopefully that will prove useful.
>So committing code to the Inbox, announcing it on squeak-dev, which at
>best sparks off some discussion where people express there take on it,
>sounds like a better way to me.

Your up against my vast sea of ignorance. How do you submit this to the inbox?

I am a one man shop. Mantis gives me a chance to get some feedback. It also serves the purpose of allowing an incremental solution.

Solution Plan a.
Solution plan b.

With the added chance that someone will solve the complaint for me.

I am a good observer and analyser. The vast sea of ignorance coupled with the one man shop makes the fixes I present some what risky without review. Your feedback was welcome even if it was not what I had hoped.

>And regardless what I think, if there
>is support for it, a core developer might adopt it and it will get
>into the core.
We will see. Your time and courtesy are both noted and appreciated.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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