[squeak-dev] ToolBuilder: list in panel appears grey

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at angband.za.org
Fri Apr 16 15:29:18 UTC 2010

I was hacking on the ClassBrowser (so 
Browser>>openOnClassWithEditString:), working out how to make the 
instance/?/class buttons have constant height. So I did this, which goes 
inside a suitable frame (0.5 at 0.0 corner: 1 at max):

buildClassBrowserMessageListWith: builder
	| list switches top |
	top := builder pluggablePanelSpec new.
	top children: OrderedCollection new.
	switches := self buildSwitchesWith: builder.
	switches frame: (LayoutFrame new
		leftFraction: 0 offset: 0;
		topFraction: 0 offset: 0;
		rightFraction: 1 offset: 0;
		bottomFraction: 0 offset: self buttonHeight).
	list := self buildMessageListWith: builder.
	list frame: (LayoutFrame new
		leftFraction: 0 offset: 0;
		topFraction: 0 offset: self buttonHeight;
		rightFraction: 1 offset: 0;
		bottomFraction: 1 offset: 0).
	top children add: switches.
	top children add: list.

OK, the method name's not great. Anyway. I expected list above to have a 
white background, but it doesn't. It has a grey background, like the 
underlying PluggablePanel. See attachment.

So, to my question: what have I done wrong? Why's the message list grey 
while the category list is white?

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