[squeak-dev] Mantis7504: In 4.1rc5 sq 9948 sometimes pressing ctrl-d or alt-d closes the image. (Ubuntu/Linux)

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 05:43:02 UTC 2010

Hi Dave,

>David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
>Fri Apr 16 02:45:33 UTC 2010
>On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 10:24:55PM +0200, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 15.04.2010, at 22:19, Jerome Peace wrote:
>> > 
>> > http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7504
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Hi all 
>> > 
>> > This is a very strange bug. It happened everytime I opened the image and played with the Beeper beep doit. It didn't seem to happen the first time I tried the doit. And it wasn't consistent as to which key pressed would trigger the window closing. I was for the most part just using ctrl-d or alt-d. So it may happen with other keys.
>> > 
>> > Definitely needs to be tracked down before the release.
>Hi Jerome,
>Thanks for opening the Mantis issue to document this problem. At first
>glance it looks like a VM and/or plugin bug, and probably not directly
>related to the 4.1 release. For that reason, I would say that it probably
>does *not* need to be addressed for the 4.1 release.
>> > Does it happen on other systems?
>> > Does it happen with other input?
>> > Does it happen only in the context of Beeper beep as the doit?
>> > 
>> > Really hard to test when the occurance closes everything.
>> > 
>> > This one is going to be a worthy opponent. 
>> > 
>> > Any ideas?
>> > 
>> > Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
>> When the VM crashes, there should be a stack trace in the console. Please attach.
>Actually, it's pretty common for bugs like this to leave no stack trace
>behind, so there may not be a stack trace available. In that case, any
>information about the configuration of the Linux sound system that fails
>might be helpful.

I've played around some more and updated the report.

AFAICT the failure comes from the combo of the missing pulseaudio plugin and the #stopSoundWhenDone preference.

The vm2022 has the plugin but vm2196 didn't.
RC5 has the preference set.
So RC5 with vm2022 works ok. Sound works the preference stops the latchup after a while. 

RC5 (or any other recent image w/ the preference) and vm2196 (plugin missing) Sound works but after the latchup has stopped the next ctrl-d will cause the image to quit.

This may not be the true cause of the problem but I am pretty confident it would explain all the phenomena.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace



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