[squeak-dev] Re: quick handling of graphics files

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Thu Apr 15 14:56:11 UTC 2010

Andreas Raab wrote:
> On 4/14/2010 11:39 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 15.04.2010, at 06:47, Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> On 4/14/2010 8:38 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>>>> At Wed, 14 Apr 2010 19:54:22 -0700,
>>>> Andreas Raab wrote:
>>>>> I see your 30x improvement and raise you another ... 6x for a 
>>>>> total of
>>>>> 200x speedup (from 10secs to 50 msecs). There! Take that! :-)
>>>>    Man!  Even the timestamps of these methods are the same.  How fast
>>>> can you type?! ^^;
>>> Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. :-)
>> 19:50 is lunchtime for you? That explains a lot ;)
>> In any case, this is a nice example of how naive code works fine for 
>> years, but if you need speed, there are certainly ways to make it 
>> efficient (if less readable).
> Indeed. I would vote for including Juan's version and the ZipPlugin 
> primitive (which for some inexplicable reason wasn't there). This 
> still gets you a great speedup which ought to be enough until someone 
> else complains :-)
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas

This is an updated version. It includes Levente's suggestion, and 
Yoshiki's and Andreas' alternatives as well, although disabled. All 
three options now work for gray level images with other bit depths 
besides 1 (I only tested 1 and 8). I also fixed transparent pixels for 
gray level images (it was completely broken).

Juan Vuletich
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