[squeak-dev] Pseudovariables?

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 01:47:12 UTC 2010

This is something I've been fishing through the image for for awhile, and I
haven't figured it out. I'm going to give in and ask.

What's a pseudovariable? Does a pseudovariable reference a first class
object? Is the thing known as true an object, is this a pseudovariable? In
the comment for True, it says "most of these methods are not sent as real
messages" and "redefining these methods here will have no effect." I don't
see prims there, though. Does this confuse other people too?

What if I had an idea for a new pseudovariable that would change the world.
Like, if I wanted to create a new pseudovariable and call it 'rosebud';
where would I put it?

What if I wanted to introduce a synonym for super, say: mom? :P

I've been rummaging today trying to figure out where these things live and
how they work. Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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