[squeak-dev] Re: Can i has underscores? :)

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 00:43:57 UTC 2010

On 15 April 2010 03:26, Juan Vuletich <juan at jvuletich.org> wrote:
> Igor Stasenko wrote:
>> On 15 April 2010 00:38, Juan Vuletich <juan at jvuletich.org> wrote:
>>> Hi Igor,
>>> So, what you want is:
>>> Igor Stasenko wrote:
>>>> ... i see a following benefits:
>>>>  - better interoperability with other languages (most modern languages
>>>> using underscores in identifiers)
>>> You already have that, just turn on the preference. There are a few
>>> issues
>>> left, today I sent some fixes for those, in a message that was ignored.
>> it was not ignored. Not by me :) I downloaded your code once i seen
>> the message and want to try it out later.
>> But it is probably will not be integrated before release, so that's
>> why i think it was not attracted much attention.
> Good to know!
>>>>  - better visual appearance of source code (seeing a := b is a way
>>>> better than seeing a _ b )
>>> You always had that.
>> Not always. There are still a lot of old code in sources, which using
>> underscore assignments.
>> I'd prefer to never stumble over that again :)
> Shout can do that for you. And if you save such method, it will use your
> preference. I use it to convert any method I save in Cuis to use left arrow
> :)
Err.. let me tell you what will happen if i, say, add an instance
variable to some basic class -
it will recompile all subclasses. And when some of those methods could
contain underscores as assignment,
while some of them (a newer ones) could use underscores in
No matter what you choose in a system-wide preference, you won't be
able to recompile the all classes.
Will Shout be able to help me with that? :)
It is obvious, that to prevent this from happening, all sources, which
is going to the compiler, should
use same syntax, or each class should have own #useUnderscores setting.
But that wouldn't help, if i add an instance variable with underscore
in base class,
while subclass will still insist on using underscores for assignment -
then it will be unable to access that ivar
in own methods :)

>>> So, what is missing? The import filter to convert existing code to suit
>>> your
>>> taste; the one you're not programming because it is not that important
>>> for
>>> you? Something else?
>> It is not about my taste, it is about a decision i have to make,
>> what code to generate with my OpenGL stuff. Either use underscores freely
>> or
>> collapse them and let users to deal with consequences and with
>> inability to have 1:1
>> correspondence with OpenGL identifiers.
>> Try read this one:
>> and this:
>> Yes, these names are ugly as C is. But that's not the point.
>> The point is, that OpenGL is a widely adopted standard, which i like
>> to bring to Squeak.
>> And it is obvious to me, that retaining an original formatting is
>> better for any potential user.
> Why are you still speaking as if you couldn't use underscores in identifiers
> when in fact you can? Or if someone had told you that you shouldn't? I guess
> most people (me included) believe it is better to use them in this case!
Well, my first question was 'i can?'. It appeared that i can't (but i
will try your fixes).
Also, how you suppose to deal with the above (recompiling a base class)?

> Cheers,
> Juan Vuletich

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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