[squeak-dev] Can i has underscores? :)

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Wed Apr 14 17:10:03 UTC 2010

Alexander Lazarević wrote:
> After setting the "Allow underscore selectors" preference to true in
> 4.1.1 I just created a class MyClass with the method foo_bar and
> MyClass new foo_bar returns 10?!
> I can't say why the note about the new sources file pops up on this though.
> Alex

Hi Folks,

I recently integrated Andreas' last changes to Cuis. Today I tried 
Igor's example and found a few problems, that the attached changes 
address. This stuff was done for Cuis, but should be easy to integrate 
in Squeak (and I guess Pharo too). Everybody feel free to integrate and 

0489-ConfigurableUnderscoreShoutSupport-jmv.5.cs - Adds Shout support 
for #allowUnderscoreAssignments and #allowUnderscoreSelectos preference
0490-ConfigurableUnderscoreFixes-jmv.3.cs - Fixes some issues when 
parsing underscores in identifiers in .cs files. Does so by simplifying 
Scanner. Also makes #a_b to print correctly. With these fixes, such 
weird stuff as TestUnderscores.cs can be parser and installed.
0491-ConfigurableUnderscoreElsewhere-jmv.1.cs Fixes senders of #isLetter 
and #isAlphaNumeric that should also consider underscores.

Juan Vuletich
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