Promotion of Jerome Peace as core-developer Re: [squeak-dev] Squeaking up for "'click' sound play"

Igor Stasenko siguctua at
Wed Apr 14 10:31:01 UTC 2010

i just found that Jerome is not a core-dev!!
That's a bit funny, since i remember Jerome being here at the times
when i first came here
and his continuous service as a main person who watching over Mantis
deserves an adequate
appraisement by the community.

On 14 April 2010 12:57, Alexander Lazarević <laza at> wrote:
> Hi Jerome!
> 2010/4/14 Jerome Peace <peace_the_dreamer at>:
>> I was hoping to get this adopted quietly. The gatekeepers are asking me to show support for this feature. If you are in favor of this let it be heard.
> In general I think it is not the best way to promote something new for
> the core by creating an issue on mantis and waiting for "people" to
> pick it up. Marking it major or block with a high priority also will
> do little to this. It's more likely that the issue will rot on mantis
> forever. So I felt that I was actually helping you along with your
> idea by suggesting a better way to promote it and I had not the
> impression of putting up additional hurdles.
> So committing code to the Inbox, announcing it on squeak-dev, which at
> best sparks off some discussion where people express there take on it,
> sounds like a better way to me. And regardless what I think, if there
> is support for it, a core developer might adopt it and it will get
> into the core.
> Alex

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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