[squeak-dev] Re: 4.1 release candidate 3

Alexander Lazarević alexander at lazarevic.de
Tue Apr 13 18:53:23 UTC 2010

> Damn, I thought this had gotten fixed.  This has been an annoying bug
> for us for a very long time; it happens all the time in 3.9, but I had

I saw this for the first time at all and even not on the first update
run. And never read about any complains, that this "happens all the
time in 3.9". Is there some  bug report or e-mail thread about this? I
wasn't always following the mailing list in the past.

I feel it is tricky to update the SystemProgressMorph using MC while
it is actually in use during updating itself. I got bitten by this a
few times and then was reluctant to do any more changes because of the
difficulties that could arise.
The last cosmetic change was to remove the borderlines of the bars.
Now this just takes an effect after the SystemProgressMorph gets
initialized again. Such code was missing at first in the postscript
and I added it later on.
Now I think the empty progress morph just stems from that attempt to
initialize it during a postscript while it is actually in use.
So my guess is, that this will only be seen once.

> not seen in in 4.1, so I assumed someone had fixed it, but I guess it
> didn't get fixed afterall!  :(

>From my view there is and was nothing to be fixed.


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