[squeak-dev] The Inbox: Protocols-fbs.29.mcz

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 18:49:08 UTC 2010

Well, it certainly solves it well-enough for what I care about, thanks Frank.

However, I will point out, IMO, that it is not as "correct" as 3.10 - 3.9 was.

The way it is supposed to work is that the preference,
#optionalButtons shows both the implementors/senders/etc..

The row of "custom" buttons that you restored are not optional, so
they should be present all the time regardless of the preference

Personally, I always have #optionalButtons turned off, so this "bug"
is invisible to me.

But certainly, what you have here is better than completely broken,
and so with respect to the greater good and our time-constraint, I
have copied this to the trunk.

 - Chris

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 10:00 AM, Frank Shearar
<frank.shearar at angband.za.org> wrote:
> commits at source.squeak.org wrote:
>> A new version of Protocols was added to project The Inbox:
>> http://source.squeak.org/inbox/Protocols-fbs.29.mcz
>> ==================== Summary ====================
>> Name: Protocols-fbs.29
>> Author: fbs
>> Time: 13 April 2010, 4:48:47.303 pm
>> UUID: 149a1928-ef9d-de4b-b696-e1fe6ff52890
>> Ancestors: Protocols-bp.28
>> This commit adds the menu, "only through..." and method home buttons back
>> to the Lexicon. It's a minimal commit that neglects any attempt at cleanup:
>> Lexicon>>buildCustomButtonsWith: could be deleted, for instance.
>> One weird thing happens to me: when I file in the changeset version of
>> this commit. hitting Cmd-P blows up with an MNU. Recompiling
>> Lexicon>>customButtonSpec (by, say, deleting and then readding a character)
>> fixes the problem though!
> But loading the mcz works just fine.
> Bert & Chris, I hope this is what you were looking for.
> frank

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