[squeak-dev] Protocol browser problem?

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at angband.za.org
Mon Apr 12 10:34:26 UTC 2010

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On 12.04.2010, at 02:26, Chris Muller wrote:
>> Does anyone ever want to find a method from the set of methods all the
>> way up the hierarchy?  The Lexicon model used to have buttons for this
>> ("through Object", etc.).  Does anyone know what happened to these or
>> if there is another way to do that search?
> I use the "protocol browser" all the time for that. Press Cmd-P when a class is selected in the System Browser.
> However, in Trunk it has lost its special row of buttons. Ah, that's what you mean. Yes, no idea where they went. 

Looking in my Trunk image I can see Lexicon>>addSpecialButtonsTo:with: 
defining buttons with names like 'Only through Foo'. This selector's 
also not called anywhere, hence the buttons not showing up.

But now custom buttons (like Debugger's restart/into/over button) are 
specified in  a Browser's #customButtonsSpec. Lexicon has one of these, 
defining buttons like 'tiles', 'vars', 'follow', 'find'. I don't think 
those are what Chris is talking about.

Does anyone have a screenshot of what Protocol Browser SHOULD look like? 
Are these buttons supposed to be part of the lower CodeHolder?

I'll have a bash at fixing the problem, once I know what the solution 
looks like.


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