[squeak-dev] Checklist for 4.1 rc4

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Mon Apr 12 05:38:20 UTC 2010


Andreas Raab wrote:
> Anything else I'm missing? (I left out SMLoader update per Göran's 
> request) If not, I might be doing the rc4 later tonight or tomorrow, 

If someone feels differently regarding SMLoader (feel free to try it!) - 
then we just need to figure out if:

a) We should have two "open" alternatives for it, as right now.
b) How it behaves in flaps and "objects" bin etc.
c) If we can ditch any of the three implementations of SMLoader.

...and also, if you run *any* earlier image than 4.1.1 - and get routed 
through the bootstrap script, then you *will* get this newer SMLoader 

regards, Göran

PS. It was Brian Rice that did the builk of this work on SMLoader I think.

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