[squeak-dev] walkback in 4.1rc3

Wolfgang Eder edw at generalmagic.at
Sun Apr 11 16:12:29 UTC 2010

hello all,
here's a way to produce a walkback:
from the world menu, open the "objects" catalog,
click on the "Tools" tab. boing.
i attached the SqueakDebug.log,
will write a mantis bug tomorrow the latest.
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MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>select:
11 April 2010 5:37:19.281 pm

VM: Win32 - Smalltalk
Image: Squeak4.1.1 [latest update: #9938]

SecurityManager state:
Restricted: false
FileAccess: true
SocketAccess: true
Working Dir C:\squeak41rc3
Trusted Dir C:\squeak41rc3\edw
Untrusted Dir C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\edw\Eigene Dateien\My Squeak

UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #select:
	Receiver: nil
	Arguments and temporary variables: 
		aMessage: 	select: [closure] in SMSqueakMap>>categories
		exception: 	MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>select:
		resumeValue: 	nil
	Receiver's instance variables: 
	Receiver: a SMSqueakMap
	Arguments and temporary variables: 

	Receiver's instance variables: 
		packages: 	nil
		accounts: 	nil
		objects: 	nil
		categories: 	nil
		dir: 	'sm'
		adminPassword: 	nil
		fileCache: 	a SMFileCache
		users: 	nil
		mutex: 	nil
		isDirty: 	false
		checkpointNumber: 	0
		silent: 	nil
		registry: 	a SMInstallationRegistry

	Receiver: a SMLoader(1749)
	Arguments and temporary variables: 
		list: 	nil
		first: 	nil
	Receiver's instance variables: 
		bounds: 	0 at 0 corner: 300 at 200
		owner: 	nil
		submorphs: 	{an AlignmentMorph(3084) . a PluggableTextMorph(2117) . a SimpleHier...etc...
		fullBounds: 	nil
		color: 	(Color r: 0.971 g: 0.971 b: 0.971)
		extension: 	a MorphExtension (1704) [other:  (layoutPolicy -> a ProportionalLayo...etc...
		borderWidth: 	1
		borderColor: 	Color lightGray
		model: 	a SMSqueakMap
		slotName: 	nil
		open: 	false
		labelString: 	'SqueakMap Package Loader (0/0)'
		stripes: 	{a RectangleMorph(2570) . a RectangleMorph(3784)}
		label: 	a StringMorph(163)'SqueakMap Package Loader (0/0)'
		closeBox: 	a SystemWindowButton(1290)
		collapseBox: 	a SystemWindowButton(3456)
		activeOnlyOnTop: 	true
		paneMorphs: 	{a SimpleHierarchicalListMorph(2244) . a PluggableTextMorph(2117)}
		paneRects: 	nil
		collapsedFrame: 	nil
		fullFrame: 	0 at 0 corner: 300 at 200
		isCollapsed: 	false
		menuBox: 	a SystemWindowButton(958)
		mustNotClose: 	false
		labelWidgetAllowance: 	83
		updatablePanes: 	#()
		allowReframeHandles: 	true
		labelArea: 	an AlignmentMorph(3084)
		expandBox: 	a SystemWindowButton(3695)
		packagesList: 	#()
		selectedItemWrapper: 	nil
		selectedCategoryWrapper: 	nil
		filters: 	an OrderedCollection()
		categoriesToFilterIds: 	an OrderedCollection()

	Receiver: a SimpleHierarchicalListMorph(3818)
	Arguments and temporary variables: 

	Receiver's instance variables: 
		bounds: 	0 at 0 corner: 150 at 120
		owner: 	nil
		submorphs: 	{a ScrollBar(2714) . a TransformMorph(1723)}
		fullBounds: 	nil
		color: 	Color transparent
		extension: 	a MorphExtension (3175) [eventHandler = an EventHandler recipients: ...etc...
		borderWidth: 	1
		borderColor: 	Color black
		model: 	a SMLoader(1749)
		slotName: 	nil
		open: 	false
		scrollBar: 	a ScrollBar(2714)
		scroller: 	a TransformMorph(1723)
		retractableScrollBar: 	false
		scrollBarOnLeft: 	false
		getMenuSelector: 	#categoriesMenu:
		getMenuTitleSelector: 	nil
		scrollBarHidden: 	nil
		hasFocus: 	false
		hScrollBar: 	a ScrollBar(3330)
		selectedMorph: 	nil
		getListSelector: 	#categoryWrapperList
		keystrokeActionSelector: 	nil
		autoDeselect: 	true
		columns: 	nil
		sortingSelector: 	nil
		getSelectionSelector: 	#selectedCategoryWrapper
		setSelectionSelector: 	#selectedCategoryWrapper:
		potentialDropMorph: 	nil
		lineColor: 	nil

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UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #select:
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
SimpleHierarchicalListMorph class>>on:list:selected:changeSelected:menu:keystroke:
SMLoader class>>newStandAlone
PartsBin class>>thumbnailForQuad:color:
[] in PartsBin>>listDirection:quadList:buttonClass:
[] in ObjectsTool>>showCategory:fromButton:

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