[squeak-dev] 4.1 release candidate 3

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Apr 11 07:36:20 UTC 2010

Folks -

I just finished rc3 for the 4.1 release and unless I'm missing something 
this is probably "it". It feels solid, there are no pending issues and 
consequently I'd like everyone to treat this as if it is the release. 
Download it here:


There are several changes in this build including:

* We now have a full set of updated VMs. Ian's 4.0.2 series isn't 
announced yet but he compiled the x86 variants already so I've included 
it for rc3.

* This candidate uses the 4.1 release repository at 
http://source.squeak.org/squeak41 for updates instead of the trunk. The 
4.1 release repository has also been added to the default set of 
repositories in the build. To receive trunk updates you will have to 
change the preference to point it to the trunk repository instead.

* The sources file has been rebuilt. If you'll recall rc2 had 
overwritten the beginning of the sources file with a timestamp so it was 
no good. Please make sure you DELETE any rc2's that you might be using 
since the sources file is not compatible between rc2 and rc3.

Since I haven't seen any changes on the remaining Mantis bugs (most of 
the ones left open are beyond scope for this late in the release cycle) 
I don't see anything at this point that would prevent us from publishing 
rc3 as the release in a couple of days.

Please keep testing. If everything goes well I'd like to copy rc3 simply 
to its final location next week and declare victory.

   - Andreas

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