[squeak-dev] Two changes for the 4.1 release

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sat Apr 10 04:55:56 UTC 2010

Folks -

In preparation of the 4.1 release I did two changes that are worth 
pointing out separately because they might be useful for others:

1) The default update URL is no longer hardcoded but instead a 
preference (in category 'Monticello'). The main reason is so that we can 
have 4.1 receive updates from the 4.1 repository (fixes only) or 
alternatively from the trunk (active development).

However, this also has another advantage. If you are running in-house 
projects where you'd like to keep your own control over the images and 
their updates, you can set the URL to whatever internal repository you'd 
like to use to issue updates. That allows you to relay changes as you 
see fit, for example merge updates from the trunk after your version 
ships. I'm planning to use that mechanism for our in-house uses as well.

2) After doing Extras>>Rebuild Menus you will find that the help menu 
has all the welcome workspaces available. This moves the workspaces away 
from being a one-person one-off into the realm of community improvement.

What's even better is that if you change the "false ifTrue:" in 
TheWorldMainDockingBar>>showWelcomeText:label:in: into a "true ifTrue:" 
the text in the welcome workspaces can be edited interactively and 
accept will cause it to be compiled correctly into the corresponding 
method. So you can just edit, accept, and commit them.

BTW, it really feels like we're getting there. I think rc3 might be it. 
I have hardly anything left on my list at this point (the main issue is 
to redo the sources file).

   - Andreas

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