[squeak-dev] SqueakMap and SMInstaller

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 18:58:57 UTC 2010

Hi Goran,

I've been looking at SMInstaller. I'm using that as my point of entry, as
you suggested.

We use that as part a process to identify what we're dealing with and if we
have what we need to process it. One of the cool things about this project
is how many tools it uses. Understanding this will definitely broaden my
knowledge of Squeak.

So, we want to create a subclass of SMInstaller for Gofer/Metacello. I guess
this is complicated somewhat because there is no unique file type. We'd be
using .mcz. I think you suggested that if this was a problem we could use a

I guess we want a:

canInstall: aPackage
     (Smalltalk includesKey: #GoferLoad) ifTrue: [ check file name; ^false
if we don't find what we want]

Using RSS to check SS for new loads. That's a pretty cool idea. What do you
meant that SS has releases, but SM has only releases? I don't think I
understand that part.

I'm poking around how Monticello, Gofer, and Metacello work together. It'll
take me a bit to get under that. But I love that are all these pieces to the
picture that are working in concert.

I looked a bit at Hodges Installer and I wondered what the difference with
Gofer was. Installer doesn't use Monticello, but I guess Gofer is concerned
with a wider range of problems, such as dependencies. (Or is that the level
above, in Metacello?).

I don't have lots of insight to say at the moment. I'm looking at the parts,
as I'll do all weekend. Anything you could say to broaden my understanding
here would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, have a great weekend,
and I'll come up with more questions on Monday.

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