Proposal about SqueakMap etc (was Re: [squeak-dev] Re: SqueakMap soon working in 4.0/4.1!)

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at
Thu Apr 8 12:55:45 UTC 2010

I like all of that. I think what you're saying is really constructive. By
the time I finished reading your post, I started to think SqueakMap has the
possibility to be pretty exciting.

My only real animus here is against implementing what we've had before
without any modification or change. I want to see some kind of evolution
here and the things you're proposing sound worthwhile.

I think my problem is with the user interface. Three ways to get code (
Thank you but I will  "Über einen Kamm scheren" - "lump together" from
Google Translate) on one menu is odd. It screams legacy.

I think it comes down to this: I will not like things I don't understand and
which nobody justifies the existence of. I use SqueakSource every day. I've
been burned by SqueakMap.

1. Include some instructions in the image regarding "how to get stuff"
into the image. Seems like a good short term thing to do for 4.1. We can
easily explain the difference between SS and SM. PU (as it was called
earlier - Package Universes) is ... well, see below.

I like that we're moving in a constructive direction, but I don't know
that written documentation is the key. It doesn't make sense to me if
we're explaining weird UI design. In a way, UI design is

2. Possibly throw out Universes in 4.1 *iff* it does not work anymore
and noone can fix it. I haven't even tried it. Does it work?

I'm all for that. It's a bold stroke, and I like that kind of thing.
And if we have two points of entry instead of three, that sounds good
to me. And if that can be done without losing the value (to some
people) of the UB, then everybody wins.

3. Regardless of when we throw out Universes we should improve SM to
cover the "loss" of it.

Sounds good.

4. Improve SqueakMap. There is a loooong list of things we could do. One
thing of immediate interest given this discussion is to make it "mirror"
SS somehow so that packages hosted on SS are searchable and installable
from SqueakMap Package Loader and listed on etc etc. We
could also revive the "Make release on SqueakMap"-button that used to be
in SS so that it can be used for *real* releases and not just for all
new versions. Chris? Others?

I like all of this.

I think these are really great ideas. My sole objective is to see this
area of our world reformed in a way that is in keeping with all that
has been accomplished in the new image. I understand how intense I've
been. And I can see policial capital or goodwill that I may have had
on Squeak-dev on fire all around me. But if that was the price
necessary to generate the exciting reforms Goran has now proposed. I'd
do it again.

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