[squeak-dev] [Ann] [Cuis] Cuis 2.3 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Thu Apr 8 11:57:05 UTC 2010

Hi Phil,

Phil (list) wrote:
> Juan,
> I've finally made some time to attempt to migrate from Cuis 2.0->2.3 
> (yeah, I missed a couple of releases :-) and have run into some 
> issues.  The main one that jumped out at me is when I filed out my 
> changesets from the 2.0 image and then back in to 2.3: in many places 
> (strangely, not all), underscore assignment is being used when *all* 
> of my code in 2.0 used := (and when I view the code before installing 
> the changeset, it indicates that := was used on the fileout)... so 
> this is either a regression (I didn't have this problem loading into 
> 2.0) or a feature.  If it's a feature, can it be disabled? 
> #allowUnderscoreAssignment is true in both versions and is the only 
> pref I saw that seemed possibly related but since there was no 
> difference in the setting, I didn't expect any difference in behavior.

I apologize. Just turn off the 
#syntaxHighlightingAsYouTypeLeftArrowAssignment preference. It should be 
off by default, and will be so in next releases. BTW, next release of 
Cuis will include "configurable underscore meaning" as Andreas did 
recently for trunk, and you can always do 'StrikeFont useUnderscore', 
meaning that Cuis will fully support the use of _ as part of selectors 
or identifiers.
> The other things I've run into so far are problems with what appears 
> to be an incomplete changeset being generated by 2.0 (specifically 
> with a class that I had renamed) and a hard crash problem (i.e. the 
> image literally just quits/crashes with no error) related to 
> OpenGL/FFI that I wasn't having in 2.0.  These two are more FYI at 
> this stage (and if either of these problems sounds familiar, by all 
> means please let me know) as I still have some investigating to do to 
> see if there is something on my end that is the cause of these 
> problems or if it's something I can figure out a fix for and provide 
> to you.

This was already answered by Andreas. Thanks Andreas!

> Now that I've finally gotten just about all of my stuff migrated to 
> Cuis, I'm going to use this migration as an opportunity to clean my 
> code up a little (OK, a lot :-) so that hopefully I won't fall so far 
> behind future releases and can provide more timely feedback going forward.


> One additional item I would like to get your thoughts on is whether or 
> not you think that maintaining compliance with the ANSI Smalltalk spec 
> (or some other standard) where possible (i.e. it's a capability that 
> is included in Cuis) is a worthwhile goal?  This seems like it might 
> be helpful in trying to remain at least minimally compatible with 
> packages not specifically developed for Cuis.
> Thanks,
> Phil

I'm not a big fan of ANSI Smalltalk, but I agree that some compatibility 
with Squeak and Pharo (and perhaps other Smalltalks) is a good thing. 
What I really like is Grease, as it can be tested for compliance. If 
anybody wants to work on Grease for Cuis, I'll be happy to help and to 
consider that work an "officially supported optional package" ((c) 
Andreas), meaning that I'd run all the test before any release, and 
integrate or write any needed fixes, to ensure it works ok. Aside from 
that, feel free to raise any compatibility issues that bite you. We 
might integrate the fix in Cuis, or in an "officially supported optional 
package". The fact is that I already have some stuff for starting such 

Does this sound ok for you?

Juan Vuletich

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