[squeak-dev] Pending 4.1 Mantis Bugs

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Apr 8 03:50:29 UTC 2010

Folks -

Even though we were late with getting our tests green, the Mantis status 
for the 4.1 bug list looks pretty promising 
(http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7480). I just did a pass to resolve 
the issues that could be reasonably resolved and it basically leaves us 
with three remaining issues:

[7472] In sq 9563 copying workspace text across images loses line endings

This looks like a Linux / Unix bug. I have absolutely no idea what (if 
anything) to do here. Someone please advise.

[7424] the ProportionalSplitterMorph in ArchiveViewer is out of service

This is an interesting bug. Morph>>containingWindow, the root of the 
problem used to be a very simply method but got replaced with something 
significantly more complex. Does anyone recall what the reason for that 
replacement was? It appears to me that replacing all the logic with a 
simple "self findOwnerSuchThat:[:m| m isSystemWindow]" ought to be 
correct but I'm virtually certain that there must be some reason for the 
logic in there and I don't feel very good about replacing some complex 
logic like that so shortly before the release. Any insights are welcome.

[7463] In sq 8955 ChangeSorter has a multiple number of ailments
[7342] Change Sorters in 3.10.2 no longer report about class definitions 
or class comments.
[7443] In sq 8864 Changesorter shows changeset name twice after loaded 
from project.

There is whole bunch of ChangeSorter issues that I am uncertain about. 
Some of the comments indicate that portions may have been fixed or 
should have been fixed, but I am uncertain what, if any, action to take.

The key question to me here is: Which one of these are show-stoppers? 
Which one of these stop you from getting work done, make work results 
inaccessible or similar?

In any case, it's nice to see that we're down to five issues to resolve 
for 4.1. Thanks everyone for your help!

   - Andreas

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